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Regular paper: It's included cast coated paper, semi gloss paper and woodfree paper, wildly used for food, pharmaceutical, advertisement, product marking, children’s book, toys and so on.
Aluminum foil paper
: the surface through aluminum foil transfer or laminated aluminum foil, will have metal texture and improve the products additional values. Color classified: gold, silver, red. Surface glossiness classified: bright facestock and matt facestock.  
Fluorescent paper: the surface would be fluorescein, including fluorescent red, pink, orange-red, orange, yellow and green, etc.
Velvet paper: formed by electrostatic flocking and paper. Widely used in packing, advertising and gift box, It's have red, green, white and black, etc.

Kraft paper: good tear resistance and tensile strength. Color: yellow and white.
VIP paper
Thermal transfer paper: the surface flat and non-glare, good absorbed of ink. Only a little energy can spread the information for barcode printing, can improve the printing head life time and labels quality, special for the barcode printing machine.   

Thermal paper: Surface have thermal coated, the words and barcode through the printing head heat transmit to paper for the sake of information transmission.Substrate classified: thermal paper and thermal synthetic paper,  thermal paper include Eco thermal paper and Top thermal paper.

PET film: also named as polyester film, It's characterized by high tensile and tearing strength, fine resistances of temperature, chemical and weather, for which suitable for outdoor and indoor use. It's color cover transparent, translucent, white, black and other color. PET film has strong metal texture and uses for electrical and electronic label.PET film is excellent for printing and processing, for which after a surface coating treatment, the paper is improved ink adhesion and code printing.
PVC film: also named as polyvinyl chloride film, it is characterized by good printing effect, processing features and strong chemical resistance, for which the film can be used for long time outdoors. According to the colors, the film can be divided into transparent, translucent, white, black and other colors; According to different degrees of hardness, the film can be divided into hard and soft PVC.
PE film:
Poly ethylene film, For it's good softness, the film can flatten well even on the irregular surface. With characters including good compression, strong chemical and corrosion resistance, the PE film is widely used in cosmetics and daily chemicals. Commonly used colors are transparent and white.
PP film: Polypropylene film. It can be made into high transparent, white, light, matte and metalized film after processing, among which the transparent PP has excellent transparency, for the label on the transparent bottle body looks like no label.

Laser film: The film transfers the holographic images to basic materials through mould pressing, and then laser effect forms, engraving and holographic technology are generally adopted. The film is widely used in daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, wines and tobacco industries. According to the basic materials, the film can be divided into OPP laser film, laser film, PET laser film and PVC laser film. According to the pattern, the film can be divided into plain, small squares, large squares, dots, and millet point and other dozens of patterns.

Special material:
Tyre label: This product is mainly used for the tire external label. Common products:Coated paper, white PET film, aluminum film, pearlescent film and pearlescent paper, Tire label has strong initial viscosity.
Destructible paper:
It's characterized by surface smoothness, good printing effects, good ink absorbency and excellent security.
: it adopts better foaming EVA materials, which can offer a good protection. Basic colors are white and black, The thickness is 1~5mm.

Optical film/Matt film: mainly used in laminating after printing. It can protect the ink as well as improve the printing texture.