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Adhesive products share the influence of base paper price in

Date: 2018-05-28 14:25 read:

The rising price of raw paper is difficult to calm down. Many packaging and printing enterprises do not seem to be fully prepared. However, the cost of paper production will increase as the price of paper goes up, and the impact on the packaging and printing industry is magnified instantaneously. In the future, we must do a good job in the psychological preparation of the price out of control.
Looking at the situation of the development and change of the raw paper supply market in China, we can obviously realize this situation: in recent years, the change of the price of the original paper has been particularly frequent, and it has hardly been steadily stabilized. As long as the international trend, the domestic situation and the market situation have changed, the price of the original paper will fluctuate. And the price change of base paper mostly ended with the increase of price and the reduction of price. That is to say, once the price of the original paper is rising, it is difficult to reduce the price of the original paper back to the original price even in the market easing the supply of raw paper. The impact and impact on the printing enterprise is very big.
The adhesive products introduce the impact on the printing and packaging industry after the price of the original paper. Juntai can solve the problems for the related industries, take the continuous development as the core goal, and insist on the convenience to the related industries with the manufacturer's wholesale price, and make the customers, partners and themselves win together. Sincerely look forward to working with you hand in hand, create brilliant!