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Adhesive label printing methods and their respective charact

Date: 2018-05-28 14:40 read:

Adhesive label printing, also called dry glue printing, trademark printing, it is a type of printing to print the label as a self adhesive adhesive material, printed finished products can be uncovered, sticky on goods or packaging to identify them. Then, what are the ways of printing label labels? What are the features of it? The following is an introduction to you.
Print one: bump
The printing press is used for printing non dry glue label, printing plate is photosensitive resin convex plate, printing label has full ink color advantages, but now the plate printing equipment grade difference is big, some are still using circular press punch press, some use ordinary rotary punch press, some have adopted professional oblique back type, satellite type or unit type do not dry Glue label printing machine, so in transformation can not be generalized.
The professional non dry glue printing machine based on convex printing has the ability to print film labels, but it needs to be connected with the supplier and replace some related parts, such as the tension control system controlled by the servo motor, the addition of the film surface treatment unit, and the high precision machine. In addition, the power of the UV light source should be adjusted properly.
For enterprises that use a circular press plate printing press to print non dry glue labels, if the film labels are printed, the photosensitive resin plate can be replaced by a high elastic flexible plate, using a flexible ink or UV ink to change the ink's properties to adapt to the change of the substrate.
Printing mode two: offset printing
Offset printing is the main way of printing paper stickers in our label printing factories. Offset printing is characterized by fine graphics, rich layers, suitable for mass printing, and printing equipment can be used for many purposes, suitable for the characteristics of China's label market. But sheet fed offset printing is not suitable for printing film with no absorbability, because film labels are mostly roll to roll printing, requiring volatile dry ink. Offset printing can print thicker plastic materials, such as in mold labels and tag tags, but it is necessary to install UV curing devices for machines.
Print three: flexo
At present, the quality of flexographic printing is no less than offset printing, and even has its own unique characteristics. The advantages of this printing process are simple machine structure, low cost, printing quality comparable to offset and intaglio, and have the advantages of thicker ink layer than offset printing products. The soft printing ink and UV ink do not pollute the environment.
However, due to the flexibility of the flexible version, the reproducibility of the order adjustment is different from the gravure and the ordinary plate. The high light to the middle tune is larger, the print contrast is small and the high light level is prone to fault. In order to make up the level defect, the high light part can be used in the high light section. Amplitude modulation and network are invoked in the middle to improve the quality. No label printing plant without flexographic printing machine can introduce laminated laminating flexographic printing press specially used for sticker label printing, which is suitable for film label printing. Because the flexible printing press uses circular die cutting, the price of die cutting roll is high, the production cycle is long, it is only suitable for long plate, and it is not suitable for the large demand of domestic adhesive label short version. But it is a kind of label printing equipment that can be easily transformed. It can work online with film cutting, sewing and sealing process.
Printing mode four: intaglio
The intaglio printing uses a short ink conveying system for ink supply, and the roller material is printed with a high degree of automation. The use of solvent based ink and the rapid drying of the ink layer are the first choice for the film type printing. The general intaglio press has a high speed, and the back end of many gravure presses is also equipped with a roller die cutting device, which can be cut, indentation, and suitable for all kinds of label printing. However, because the gravure plate making cycle is long and the cost of plate making is expensive, it is only suitable for mass label production.
Printing mode five: net printing
Screen printing is the most widely adapted printing method. At present, many net printing plants use low net printing equipment to undertake the sticker label and film label printing business.