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New opportunities for plastic film in China bring new develo

Date: 2018-05-28 14:49 read:

According to the analysis report on the production and marketing demand and investment forecast of China's plastic film manufacturing industry for 2013-2017 years, published by the foresight Industry Research Institute, the production of plastic film in China has increased year by year and the average annual growth rate has reached more than 15%. During the "12th Five-Year", the plastic film market will maintain the expansion of more than 20%. It is expected that the production of plastic film will reach 19 million 578 thousand and 600 tons in 2017, and the market size will reach 542 billion 331 million yuan.
At present, the plastic film industry in China is walking on a flourishing and flourishing road. The demand for plastic film in China is growing at a rate of nearly 10% each year. New technologies, new products and new equipment are constantly emerging, one bag of technology, digital printing technology, ultra high resistance diaphragm, laser aluminized film, factory automation Intelligent manufacturing systems, such as the explosion of the industry, and there have been a number of successful cases, these trends will promote the development of China's plastic film towards the direction of functionalization, specialization, differentiation and intelligence.
The most widely used plastic film is BOPP, BOPET and BOPA. The "figure" is widely used in the fields of life and cooked food, daily chemistry, electronics, medicine and chemical industry, which are all in contact with the people in our daily life. It contributes a lot of production share and is the wind of the plastic film market. To the mark.
bopp film
BOPP film is the largest and most widely used product in the 3 main substrates. In the upstream raw material industry, only a lot of new production capacity is added, and the trend of raw material leading market will not change. At the same time, with Fujian futhong Hui, Anhui national wind, Jintian group and other manufacturers in Fujian, Shanghai, Guizhou and other places in succession, in 2016, the BOPP film industry overcapacity will still be difficult to be relieved, supply and demand relationship In the short term, there will be no obvious change. The competition density in the domestic and lower markets will be more and more large, and the cost space will maintain the micro profit operation. The test of whether the enterprise and new line can withstand the severe market environment remains to be further observed. The homogenization of product structure is also the same problem that the various membrane enterprises face. The membrane factory actively adjusts the product structure, vigorously develops the differential products and their applications, such as lithium battery diaphragm, capacitance film, synthetic paper, pearlite paper and so on, and tries to seek the next round of the market.
BOPET thin film
In the past few years, the lesson of the heavy overcapacity caused by the crazy online has been a profound lesson. After such a painful understanding, similar to the BOPP film industry, the major BOPET film manufacturers began to actively seek changes. Functional films, such as optical film, solar backboard membrane, transfer film, aluminum film, heat shrinkable film, have become a lot of factories. At the same time, some of the devices that have been stopped are likely to be reworked in 2016. It is understood that the 4 stop line in Quanzhou will start commissioning this year, and it has started commissioning after the year, and the bankruptcy of Eurasia has also been rumored this year in 5 and June. Start. It is predicted that the BOPET film industry will also go through a period of going to the stock market and changing from "quantitative change to qualitative change", otherwise the industry will not undergo an essential change.
BOPA thin film
BOPA film may be a phenomenal subdivision in the plastic film industry in 2015. When the price of crude oil is being cut down, the prices of raw materials are sluggish and the prices of other plastic film are generally declining, BOPA film is red in the market. Use a popular advertisement: good market, manufacturers and new production capacity better match! Such a good market situation is no wonder that manufacturers have the idea of investing in new lines, and heard that many domestic film factories have continued to invest in new lines. It is reported that a film factory in Henan and Yuncheng in Tianjin intend to add 1 production lines to the hinterland of the Central Plains, while Xiamen's long plastics have heard that 4 mechanical synchronous lines should be mounted at one time. Traditional raw material suppliers are also not lonely, Sinopec and Taiwan Li Peng also coveted this big cake, and Taiwan Li Peng will be on the Taiwan island in 2017 on the nylon film biaxial tension device. It is foreseeable that the existing market pattern and order of BOPA film will be confronted with a strong challenge. Which manufacturer will come to the fore, and let us wait and see.
With the rapid development of the industry, the opportunities and challenges exist in the plastic film manufacturing industry. At the same time, the outstanding domestic plastic film consumption enterprises pay more and more attention to the investment in technological innovation and market research, especially on macro policy, upstream raw materials, market environment, downstream and terminal customers, while expanding capacity and pursuing market share. The research of households is expected to take the lead in the fierce market competition. Because of this, we are pleased to see a lot of domestic excellent plastic film manufacturing brands rapid rise, such as: Fujian era, double star color plastic, Buddha plastic technology, Kang Dexin, Xiamen long plastic, Jiangmen Hualong and so on, also believe that these enterprises will gradually develop into China and the world's plastic film manufacturing industry, as the leader. Dong Mingzhu's sister, GREE, said that more people should understand China through "made in China" and make a name for "made in China".