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What are the features and types of the back flannelette

Date: 2018-05-28 11:19 read:

What are the features and types of back flannelette?
The characteristics of the back flannelette
Strong three-dimensional sense, bright color, soft hand, luxurious and noble, luxurious and warm, vivid, non toxic and tasteless, heat preservation and damp proof, no cashmere, friction resistance, smooth no gap. The bottom surface material of the back glue is wide and varied, and the bottom of the base material of various products can be back glued, such as paper, cloth, non-woven fabric, artificial leather, plastic sheet, rubber board, cardboard, sponge, and so on. A very broad and representative industry in the field of gummy flannelette:
1 handicraft industry: toys, handicrafts, photo frame backplanes, gifts, craft calligraphy and paintings, artificial flowers, craft plastic lanterns and so on.
2 packaging industry: jewelry boxes, packaging boxes, wine boxes, glasses boxes, marriage certificates, high-grade document fabrics, wine bottles, bags, stickers, paper skin (boards) and so on.
3 automotive industry: automotive rubber seals, automotive interior plastic parts.
4 other industries: motorcycle helmet, hanger, fire door, safety cabinet, lamps, cupboard, sanitary ware, furniture, sponge, EVA, clothes rack of various materials and so on.
5 PP board, PVC rubber sheet, leather, PU skin, toys and so on.
Type of back flannelette
The material of flannelette gum is: non woven bottom flannelette back glue, knitted bottom flannelette rubber, P fabric backing gum, knitted bottom flannelette, nylon bottom flannelette, cotton bottom flannelette back, PVC bottom flannelette, and the variety of back flannelette: long wool flannelette, viscose Plush rubber, nylon wool fabric back glue and so on; and back glue Flannelette often refers to: flocking cloth back gum, swan flannelette back gum; because of the different customer groups and different use, and the difference in the area, many guests can not distinguish what material, material back glue.