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The action principle of the material glue of the non dry glu

Date: 2018-05-28 11:21 read:

What is the principle of the action of the dry glue? We often encounter a variety of problems in the process of using the dry glue material. The general problems are related to the stickiness of the adhesive. Then we know the principle of the adhesive material and some problems.
What is stickiness, the viscosity is the force between the two surfaces, the cohesion is the strength of the glue itself, and the stickiness is the force of the adhesive material and the surface of the sticker. Cohesion is the power of adhesive material, glue itself.
What is the specific viscosity of the adhesive material? What is cohesive force and what is the relationship between cohesive force and viscosi
The cohesiveness of the adhesive material is inversely proportional to the cohesiveness, the stronger the stickiness, the softer the glue, the smaller the cohesive force, the smaller the viscosity, the harder the glue and the greater the cohesion. The more sticky glue, the greater the initial adhesion force, the greater cohesion of glue, and the stronger adhesion force of self-adhesive material. Therefore, the non dry glue manufacturers in the production of adhesive materials, adhesive glue can not be too soft, too hard, generally according to the customer's different needs in the middle part of the value.
What is the function principle of glue material for adhesive manufacturers? In fact, it is related to the following.
1, the type of glue and the thickness of glue, different glue, his sticky index is not the same. The thicker the glue is, the better the viscosity is.
2. The surface energy, roughness and shape of the attached object. That is to say you do not dry glue on what to stick, such as glass or plastic, the surface of different objects can be different from the roughness, and the shape of the object, such as the plane or the round, or the bottle.
3, paste the glue flow time, paste after the time, because glue paste is the need for a process, glue in the just paste, and sticky after a period of time after the viscosity is different, people in the ordinary life, when there are some glue will feel.
4, pressure, adhesive materials when sticky to the paste, it is a certain pressure.
5, the temperature of the labeling, the general room temperature is the ideal temperature of the labeling, when the temperature rises, the glue will soften and the cohesive force is reduced (the thermal sol is more sensitive under the high temperature). When the temperature is reduced, the glue will harden, the viscosity is reduced, and the production operation is not good. So the labelling is the best at room temperature.
The above is some basic knowledge about the principle of adhesive material for non dry glue. If you want to know more, or have other technical problems, you also welcome you to come to consult!